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Mitchell, George John Britannica Student Article

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(born 1933), U.S. public official, born in Waterville, Me.; B.A. Bowdoin College 1954; after serving in U.S. Army 1954–56, received law degree from Georgetown University, admitted to the bar 1960; Justice Department trial attorney 1960–62; executive aid to U.S. Senator Edmund Muskie 1962–65; private law practice and active in Democratic party 1965–77; U.S. attorney for Maine 1977–79; U.S. district court judge in northern Maine 1979–80, when he was appointed to fill Senate post left vacant by Muskie's appointment to secretary of state; won election in his own right same year; in 1987, named one of 11 senators on so-called Iran-Contra Committee, where his clear thought and eloquence came to national attention and led to his election as Senate majority leader on Nov. 29, 1988.