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Minnesota Bible CollegeBritannica Student Article

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Christian institution located on 40 acres (16 hectares) in Rochester, Minn. The college was founded in 1913 and awards associate and bachelor's degrees. Enrollment is roughly 100 students, about half of whom are state residents. About 20 percent of the students are over the age of 25. Men slightly outnumber women. Students are required to live on campus in single-sex housing unless permitted a special exemption. Extracurricular activities at the college include intercollegiate and intramural sports, theatrical and musical organizations, and a missions group.

Classes are conducted on the quarter system. The numbers of full-time and part-time faculty are relatively equal. Majors include biblical studies, religious studies, theology, religious education, and general studies. Bachelor's degree candidates are required to take a year of Greek. Interested students can study off-campus at many other institutions in Minnesota.